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Find Your Match through the Most Reliable Matrimonial Service
Gone are the days when it was considered a troublesome task to find a suitable match for marriage. With the help of Internet, finding match today just requires few clicks on a matrimonial website. What's more, such websites free you from the limitation of more . . .
finding a very limited number of suitable matches that can be reached through friends, families, marriage bureaus, etc., thereby increasing the possibility of finding a most suitable match without wasting much time, effort, money and exposure, as you can have access to special controls that let you control whom to display your contact details to your desired levels.
We at give special importance to protect your privacy. Additionally, for those of you who believe in horoscope matching, is the only website that offers you absolutely free and instant horoscope generation & horoscope matching facility with members who match your preferences, with highly detailed reports, without any limitations!
But wait! Before you jump into choosing a matrimonial website, it is important to note that not all of them are trustworthy. Many of them, especially some free ones, are engaged in selling member contact information like phone numbers and email ids. Others contain a very large number of desirable, but fake profiles, which are not contactable, as there is no person behind the profile!
We at tackle this problem by making sure that your contact details are only visible to the members you choose, using best in the industry privacy control features. is the only website that offers features that let members contact each other instantly an anonymously, thereby eliminating the time and effort wasted in contacting fake profiles and additionally allowing you instant and trustworthy communication.
Additional measures like access to verified phone numbers, verified email ids and embedded proprietary matrimonial email system offer you comfort to concentrate more on the communication. is the only website offering maximum number of value added features related to matrimonial services. The level and easily readable format of the detailed profile along with photograph and other details provide you with a clear picture of the person behind the profile. Such information helps you gather all necessary information related to the person. With the help of maximum number of simple search options offered, you can search for brides & grooms from any caste, religion or community in no time.
Being one of the oldest matrimonial websites, is synonymous with marriage in India. The main aim of matrimonial service is getting the prospective Indian brides and Indian grooms their most compatible matches from their preferred community & religion with minimum effort and time.
By joining, you can benefit from the experience we have gained so far. The intuitive navigation of designed and refined over many years makes it easy even for those of you who are new to using computers or internet. offers services to all Indian communities and religions, like Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Hindu, Muslim matrimonials. is the only subscription based matrimony website where all matchmaking features are free.
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